NPA drops assault charges against actor Kenneth Nkosi

Kenneth Nkosi 1
Kenneth Nkosi 1


Common assault charges against actor Kenneth Nkosi have been dropped by the National Prosecuting Authority. A video which purportedly was supposed to prove that Nkosi allegedly assaulted a woman, showed that the comedian exonerated him from a common assault charge.

The actor and comedian is now a free man following investigations into allegations that he assaulted the woman, believed to be his girlfriend, at a Newtown club last Friday.
Nkosi handed himself over to the Johannesburg Central Police on Wednesday.

Two days later, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) withdrew charges against Nkosi.

Speaking to The Star on Friday afternoon, the NPA’s Phindi Mjonondwane, said the prosecution team viewed the video of the alleged assault and came to the conclusion that there would be no prospects of a successful prosecution. The NPA then decided to withdraw charges against Nkosi.

Kenneth Nkosi

“From what I was told, the story was that he was the one who had assaulted someone but the video showed the opposite. It showed that he was the one who was in fact being beaten by some women,” she said.

“The facts were not good enough to take the matter to court.”

According to Drum magazine, the alleged victim, Mosidi Motsau, was not aware that the charges against Nkosi had been dropped.

“I am not aware of any charges being dropped because I do not plan to drop them. As far as I know, he couldn’t appear in court because of a lack of evidence but the police said they were collecting evidence against him and he is currently out on bail,” she told Drum.

Motsau also told DRUM that she would continue fighting the matter until justice was served and was appreciative of the social media support she was receiving.

However, Mjonondwane said Motsau could lodge a complaint at the Chief Prosecutor of Johannesburg, Advocate Pumeza Fuchane if she was not satisfied with how the matter was handled.

“She must write a letter and state her dissatisfaction. She will then be called to the office where everything will be explained to her,” she told The Star on Friday.

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