Norma Mngoma spills all the Gupta secrets at the #Statecaptureinquiry


Former Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s estranged wife, Norma Mngoma, has laid it all bare at the state capture inquiry. She’s spoken about the Guptas’ influence on appointments at state-owned enterprises. She says Ajay Gupta and her husband would often argue about who should be appointed.

“Most of the time in Transnet, it will be the people that Ajay felt they need to be appointed or need to leave or may restructure, they would just argue about it because Malusi had his own favourites while Ajay had his own.

Norma Mngoma

SAA most of the time, when he’s with Ajay they will be talking about the board. There was a lot of discomfort between Malusi and the chairperson of SAA, sometimes they would discuss that. He told me that the Guptas don’t like him,” she said.

“They told him there would be a new restructuring. Someone else will move to Eskom and then Brian Dames will leave. I didn’t know how the process would happen but it did. Mngoma says she knew who would be appointed even before the appointee.

“I remember when he said Brian Damas would be replaced by Brian Molefe at Eskom, I knew that before it even happened. I also knew about Gama I even before they were even appointed. Mngoma also detailed how the Guptas gave her husband a number of gifts, including a BMW.

She also claims the former Finance Minister was given jewellery and money.

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27 years of democracy

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