Nomzamo Mbatha and Felicia Mabuza Suttle Bond in Atlanta

Nomzamo Mbatha might be a million miles from home but thankfully she’s got a familiar face to help her stay in touch with her roots. Nomzamo and Felicia Mabuza Suttle have both achieved plenty in their respective careers and it came as no surprise that these two powerful and talented women had nothing but love for one another. We caught wind of this week when the pair of them took a moment to trade shout outs towards one another before enjoying a cosy dinner in Atlanta.

Nomzamo Mbatha

Felicia joked that Nomzamo was a “Baby” when the first episode of her hit show aired on television, but the actress was quick-witted enough to reveal that she was awoke baby and managed to keep up with the most important women in South African media.

Felicia wrote on Twitter: “Spent quality & quantity time at dinner tonight with Nomzamo Mbatha Just realized that she was a baby when I started my show in 1992. #FeliciaShow ended 2005. Asked her how she was so familiar with my work as she was a baby. She said: “I was a woke baby & your legacy lives on.”

Nomzamo Mbatha

Meanwhile Nomzamo Mbatha poured the compliments on her role model when she wrote, “All the love and all the spoils! I’m so blessed to have you on this side of the pond. Never thought Atlanta could feel so much like home, but you make it that and so much more! Your fire and legacy burns ever so bright and lights us up! Love you DEEP!”
Nomzamo Mbatha has been in the states for much of 2019 and she is currently shooting for her first international role in the highly anticipated Coming To America sequel.

Nomzamo Mbatha

The announcement of her latest feature grabbed headlines across the continent and the star absolutely beamed with excitement once the cat was out of the bag.

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