No More Wedding – Zodwa Wabantu is not happy anymore

Zodwa Wabantu is not happy anymore and she needs her spark back. Taking to Instagram, the dancer shared a picture with her fiance Ntobeko Linda and had some rather surprising news.

Zodwa Wabantu said – “I’m Losing myself. I need my Spark back. I’m not Happy anymore. Free Ntobeko he’s still Growing. No Wedding💍 💍

Zodwa Wabantu cancels Wedding

Might it be that Zodwa Wabantu is having cold feet or maybe there is trouble in paradise? But knowing Zodwa Wabantu, she will pull through. We loved that her Instagram fans were supportive and gave her a bit of advice. One commenter said – ms_mat1 – “You’re overwhelmed love, sit down and breathe uzoba right… Introspect and only make your move thereafter, no need to be impulsive 💛thina sinawe whether ushadile or not

Zodwa Wabantu

We are glad she has fans like that who give her some supporting words. They were slowly becoming Mzansi’s most loved couple and we are very much looking forward to seeing them tie the knot.

Ntobeko Linda and Zodwa wabantu

We just hope it’s nothing serious and that Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda will pull through anything. We are waiting patiently for that day when Zodwa will be in all white saying I do to the man she loves. I am pretty sure it will be the most watched wedding ceremony in South Africa. We hope she finds her happiness again and proceeds with the wedding! More to follow…

Zodwa Wabantu Instagram

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