[email protected] cheater and nyatsi tied to a tree



[email protected] cheater and nyatsi tied to a tree. According to Coconuts, the public humiliation of the two was courtesy of the man’s furious wife.

All hell broke out in a village in China last Wednesday when a man and his lover were tied up [email protected] to a tree.

It is not clear whether the gatvol wife managed to strip off and tie up two people through brute force or through some other form of persuasion.


A crowd gathered around the [email protected] couple in the county of Huishui in southern China’s Guizhou Province. They were tied to the tree side by side with ropes, helpless while the excited crowd filmed and photographed the strange sight.

Cops were called at about 5 pm to control the crowd and release the couple. Cops later said that the incident was caused by “emotional disputes” and that they have launched an investigation.


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