NGO demands a voice for the unborn


A non-profit organization has taken the government to court over laws governing the disposal of fetuses after a miscarriage.

The NGO says not allowing parents to bury or cremate their unborn babies is an infringement of their constitutional rights.

Under current legislation, a fetus that dies before 26 weeks in the womb is technically considered medical waste.

Voice of the Unborn Baby says this deepens the devastation of losing one’s child.

“At the moment [if] you lose your little one prior to 26 weeks of gestation it is regarded a miscarriage,” said Sonja Smith-Janse van Rensburg.

“According to the law [it is] treated as medical waste.”

After a four-year legal battle, the organization’s case against the ministers of Home Affairs and Health was heard this week in the North Gauteng High court.

Government is opposing the application.

Judgment is expected early next year, and if it’s their favour, Voice of the Unborn Baby plans a special ceremony to honour the infants who were never afforded a dignified send-off.

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Source: eNCA