Nadia Nakai: The bigger the glow, the harder they stare

Here is Nadia Nakai with some saucy pictures appropriate for her album launch in Zimbabwe. The South African based rap queen has too much sauce to offer, it is only that it is too much to handle.

Nadia Nakai

It is been a long awaiting period for the drop of her album and fans couldn’t wait because they know what the queen serves. Anyway in terms of dressing she never disappoints but leave a lot crippled due to her style.

Nadia Nakai

She rocked it in Zimbabwe where she was wearing some glittering out fit which could be hardly stared at because of its h0tyness. She causes stir every time she puts on those type of out fits because she loves show casing what her mom gave her.

Nadia Nakai

As we have said, she is too much to handle and we can not get enough of her.

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Lethabo Molotsi

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Source: Instagram, News365

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