Mzansi Wethu’s new reality show Widowed coming soon

Phindile Grootboom1
Phindile Grootboom1


Widowed”, a new Mzansi Wethu show looks at the lives of 13 women after their husbands die. In some cultures, a woman whose husband has died is expected to wear black clothing as a symbol of her bereavement. And while times have changed – with mourning rites becoming less strict – the issues affecting the widow linger on.

Widowed” is a new reality intervention show on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 163) narrating the lives of 13 widows in the aftermath of their departed spouses, as they are forced to deal with the consequence of the loss.

Produced by Thape Media, Widowed aims to highlight the devastation of loss and conflict that ensues thereafter, from being excluded by in-laws, the financial and emotional devastation, to having to deal with family members who are unsympathetic, and sometimes accusatory.

Phindile Grootboom

The series will be mediated by Relationship and Marriage Coach, Phindile Grootboom, with the audience being taken through each widow’s tale of meeting the love of their life, walking down the aisle, and ultimately losing their spouse forever.

Take a journey down the road not chosen but mostly travelled when Widowed premieres on Saturday, April 6 on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 161) at 7.30pm.

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