Mzansi react as SA Man surprises mom with a new home – Pictures


South African man has put a big smile on the face of his mother after he surprised her with a new home. The star made the news known through his Twitter as he gave a glimpse of what the house looks like.

The man decided to share his story so it can be an inspiration to others. He stated that he has been working towards this moment all through his life because he and his mom went through real poverty.Skip to main contentSkip to toolbar About WordPress New SEOEnter a focus keyphrase to calculate the SEO score Delete Cache Disqus Howdy, Rekheni Mahorns Log Out Screen OptionsHelp Add New Post Add title Mzansi react as SA Man surprises mom with a new home - Pictures Permalink: ‎Edit Enter sub title here Enter sub title here Add Media Add Contact FormVisualText Paragraph P Word count: 235 Draft saved at 7:42:35 pm. Move upMove downToggle panel: Publish Preview(opens in a new tab)Preview changes in AMP (opens in new window) Status: Draft EditEdit status Visibility: Public EditEdit visibility Publish immediately EditEdit date and time Readability: Needs improvement SEO: Not available Publicize: Facebook:, Twitter: @news365coza, Tumblr: Zi News 24, Tumblr: Edit Settings AMP: Enabled EditEdit Status Move to Trash Move upMove downToggle panel: Categories All Categories Most Used South Africa News Job Listings Mzansi Celebs Entertainment World News Business and Technology Celebrity News Accidents English Premier League Food and Cooking + Add New Category Move upMove downToggle panel: Tags Add New Tag Separate tags with commas Choose from the most used tags Move upMove downToggle panel: Yoast internal linking Move upMove downToggle panel: Featured image Set featured image Move upMove downToggle panel: Jannah - Settings General Layout Logo Sidebar Styles Main Menu Advertisement Components Story Highlights Source and Via Primary Category Primary Category - Select a Category - If the post has multiple categories, the one selected here will be used for settings and it appears in the category labels. Trending Post Trending Post Post Views Post Views Post format Standard Image Video Audio Slider Map Show the featured image Default Move upMove downToggle panel: Yoast SEO Premium SEO Readability Schema Social Google News Focus keyphraseHelp on choosing the perfect focus keyphrase(Opens in a new browser tab) Get related keyphrases(Opens in a new browser window) Google preview Preview as: Mobile resultDesktop result Url › 340693-2SEO title preview: Mzansi react as SA Man surprises mom with a new home - Pictures | Meta description preview: Jun 2, 2021 ⋅ | Mzansi react as SA Man surprises mom with a new home - Pictures | SEO title Insert variable Title Page Separator Site title Site title Title Primary category Separator Slug 340693-2 Meta description Insert variable Site title Separator Title Separator Primary category Site title Title Primary category Separator SEO analysisEnter a focus keyphrase to calculate the SEO score Add related keyphrase Cornerstone content Insights Advanced Move upMove downToggle panel: Ad Inserter Individual Exceptions Block Name Default insertion For this Post 1 Block 1 Enabled Disabled 2 Block 2 Enabled Disabled 3 Block 3 Enabled Disabled 4 Block 4 Enabled Disabled 5 Block 5 Enabled Disabled 6 Block 6 Enabled Disabled 7 Block 7 Enabled Disabled Default insertion can be configured for each block on Ad Inserter Settings page - button next to Tag / Archive pages checkbox. When individual exceptions for a block are enabled, a checkbox will be listed here to change default insertion for this post or page. This way you can individually enable or disable blocks on specific posts or pages. For more information check page Ad Inserter Individual Exceptions. Thank you for creating with WordPress.Version 5.7.2 Close dialog Add media Actions Upload filesMedia Library Filter mediaFilter by type All media items Filter by date All dates Search Media list ATTACHMENT DETAILS Mzansi-react-as-SA-Man-surprises-mom-with-a-new-home-Pictures1.jpg June 2, 2021 511 KB 1125 by 2017 pixels Edit Image Delete permanently Alt Text Describe the purpose of the image(opens in a new tab). Leave empty if the image is purely decorative.Title Mzansi react as SA Man surprises mom with a new home - Pictures1 Caption Description File URL:–-Pictures Copy URL to clipboard ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS Alignment Center Link To Attachment Page URL Size Full Size – 1125 × 2017 Selected media actions 1 item selected Clear Insert into post

He went on to say there are so ,many nights they had nothing to eat and ever since he was a little kid, he made a promise that he will take care of his mother.Mzansi react as SA Man surprises mom with a new home - Pictures5

He continues saying that he asked his mother to come stay with him due to Covid and that period he was already building the new house.

See tweet below:

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