Mzansi had all the love for Victor and Agnes Riba on #OurPerfectWedding

Viewers of Our Perfect Wedding had to change their assumptions on old couples and “ripe love” being boring and dull after they met this week’s bride and groom, who were determined to serve perfection.

After seeing many older couples have messy weddings on the show, in terms of their planning, decorations, outfits, etc, the Ribas were out to show the young’uns how things are done.

Victor and Agnes Riba

Agnes Molefe, 48, and Victor Riba, 54, met in Daveyton on the East Rand. She was working at her late brother’s laundromat, where, as fate would have it, Victor did his laundry. For him, it was always loved at first sight, but Agnes would relocate to another branch.

The couple’s love was inspiring and the pair spoke about how they lived their best lives individually and decided to come together when they were ready. It was even more beautiful to watch because their families were super-supportive of their love.

They had memes for the lovely wedding.

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