Mzansi Celeb Hairstyles we love this winter

This winter, we have been keeping you updated with your fave’s fashion choices and completely forgot about your head! Your hair can make or break your entire winter aesthetic, so we looked at a few of our fave winter hairstyles to complete your new look!

Amanda du-Pont
Braids are a go-to for winter. This winter, try a style that includes beads.

Amanda du-Pont

The trend was a major hit in summer so it continues even as the temperature drops.

Boity Thulo
On a recent trip to the Monaco Grand Prix, Boity reminded us how important it is to own a B*tch Bob. A lot different from that iconic razor cut of hers, this is a wig with blunt cut bangs and comes up to somewhere between your chin and shoulders.

Boity Thulo

You can get your own made at your local hairdresser but just make sure they cut it while YOU are wearing it.

Kefilwe Mabote
For Winter, Kefilwe is rocking her natural hair. This season is actually a great time to pull out your afro for it to get some nutrients from the sun without getting damaged from the heat.Kefilwe Mabote

She must be watching the natural hair bloggers who teach us how to manage our hair and have creative styles b getting help from ponytail extensions like this one.

Bonang Matheba
This winter, the Queen B* has been rocking a wavy wig. As seen as she accepted her award in Prague, this kind of look gives your body, movement and volume.Bonang Matheba

Plus the extra hair you need to help you stay a bit warmer.

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Boity Thulo

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