#Muvhango: Bestfriends turn to enemies after one actress steals another actress’ husband


The collapse of the friendship between Muvhango’s Imani played by Zonke Mchunu, Marang played by Sharon Seno, Gugu played by Bukamina Cebekhulu and Rendani played by Innocentia Makapila, has left many viewers’ tongues wagging wildly.

While some are blaming Marang for the collapse of her relationship with James, others are blaming Imani for getting between the two.

The friendship many viewers once thought was #muvhangofriendshipgoals is blowing up over a man. The once-inseparable besties had an unfortunate fallout after Imani dated her friend’s fiance. This resulted in the crack of the relationship as Marang thought her girl gang would be supportive, and root for her after Imani stole her man.

Bukamina and Zonke who are friends in real life all agree that the betrayal that Marang suffered would not survive a real-life friendship.

“What is happening to those four is proof that sometimes BFFs aren’t forever.

What Imani has done to Marang is evil, to say the least. Any friend who does what Imani did to Marang is a frenemy,” said Zonke.

Bukamina said she believes a friendship breakup is a harder pill to swallow than a romantic one.

Innocentia says she understands how Marang feels.

“I feel with a friendship you think it’s going to last forever. You consider that person like your family and so you don’t see an end to that,” said Innocentia.

“Imani completely broke Marang’s heart. I don’t blame Marang for seeking revenge.”

-daily sun

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