Mthunzi Mayiza’s days are over on Scandal

The day that ‘Scandal!’ fans have been waiting for has finally arrived: Mthunzi Mayisa has been ‘taken care of’. Xolile was frightened but did what she felt she had to, and now the Langa family is rid of the man who made their lives so difficult.

Mthunzi Mayiza
Xolile had pulled the trigger, and in the latest episode of Scandal!, fans discovered that her aim was true. Mthunzi Mayisa was alive, but only barely. Romeo convinced a rattled Xolile that they had to leave, and they left Mthunzi in that warehouse. The Langas decided that it was time to get the cops involved and Romeo got Yvonne to call officer Chabedi.

Xolile and Mthunzi Wedding

However, Chabedi didn’t take Yvonne seriously, and in the end, the Langa family had to tell Dambisa that her son is missing. Xolile also called the police and they finally looked into Mthunzi’s disappearance.Xolile and Mthunzi Wedding

It didn’t take long for the family to get the news – Mthunzi is dead. Xolile is distraught – she feels guilty for pulling the trigger and worries that something could implicate her. Meanwhile, Scandal! fans are afraid of Mthunzi returning from the dead:

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