Mr and Mrs Malila’s beautiful white wedding #OurPerfectWedding

Nolwando Malila (44) and Thozama Goodman Malila (46) are both originally from the Eastern Cape. Their paths crossed when he visited her village in 1989.
Thozama says: “When I first saw her, she captured my heart. I told my cousin I liked her. She told me she would call her for me.

“The girls in my family herded cattle so we never played much,” says Nolwando. “When I came back from herding cows, his cousin called me.” But Nolwando wasn’t initially interested. It didn’t stop Thozama from giving up because they didn’t live in the same village. “I went back to her but I realised she had an identical twin sister,” Thozama says. “They were identical, you couldn’t tell them apart. When one misbehaved, the other would get the hiding. That’s how identical they were.I reminded her that she had promised to get back to me. She just looked at me and laughed. That’s when I remembered she had an identical twin.” Nolwando’s sister called her to talk to him.

“When I arrived, he apologised for discussing our business with someone else. He told me he couldn’t tell my sister and I apart. He told me again that he loved me. I agreed to date him. I realised he was serious because he was persistent,” she says.

Mr and Mrs Malila

They got married but he left for Johannesburg to find a job. However, he didn’t earn a lot. So Nolwando decided to join him so she could help him. “I asked his parents and they said no daughter-in-law of theirs would go and work to help her husband. I kept quiet and left without their knowledge. I was already pregnant with our second child when I left. I told them I was going to the clinic at Mlamli Hospital. A white van came speeding along. I stopped it, and got inside. I was well on my way to Joburg,” she laughs, recollecting the memory.

Thozama was none the wiser. “My father went to her family and told them she was missing and no one knew her whereabouts. They found out she was with me in Joburg. Everyone was fine when they heard.” They’ve experienced their fair share of challenges. She says he used to cheat, over drink, and was unemployed at one point.

“I started going to that church and I became born-again,” she says. “I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour only to find he would do the same. We focused on church and that is when he stopped cheating. When you’re born-again, you have to leave certain things behind. We have lived happily in our marriage right up to this point where we decided to get married again today.” They chose maroon as one of the colours for their wedding décor. “Maroon has special meaning to us,” he says. “I had this pair of maroon Brentwood pants. I’d always wear them when I went to see her.

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