More pics of AKA and his reunited family

AKA Zinhle
AKA Zinhle


More pics of AKA and his reunited family. It was all speculation from the day AKA broke up with Bonang that he was doing it to do a re-unite with his family and those rumours are appearing to be true after all. The Supa Mega has been on a mission to reunite with his baby mama DJ Zinhle and it seems his he has finally achieved his goal. The star and his baby mama seem to be romantically involved again although both parties strongly deny it.

We now think If these two are exclusively back together and they are about to make it known that they are romantically involved again. They are yet again pictures of these two being all romantic and having fun together that are circulating on social media right now.

They have been setting fire on the internet as fans of both celebs are confused about what is actually going on between these 2 stars. The stars who have a daughter together are hanging out more together with each other which has sparked rumours that they are back together. But both of them have turned down the rumours and they say they are just co-parenting only.

AKA's family

He posted this picture on his Instagram account and wrote: How do you define family? ❤️#AKAOrchestraOnTheSquare

Kairo and mom

These two have been hanging around dad very often nowadays and we love it. This is one of the most controversial celebrities couple reunion, and it has caused a lot of buzz on social media.

Kairo and Dad

He has always been close with his daughter Kairo and we think this played a big role in him getting to the mother of her child. Now they are one happy family again.

AKA and Family

And we are so happy for them ey.

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