Mona Monyane on mourning her child: I refuse to be a strong black woman

Mona Monyane lost her child just over a year ago and the actress is still picking up the pieces of her life, opening about the mourning process and how she was often made to feel like her grieving was an “inconvenience” to others.

Mona’s second daughter died in her arms just seven days after she was born in 2017 and the star has been candid about her journey to healing after opening up about her loss in an interview last year.

Mona Monyane

She has taken to social media before to share a sonar snap of her baby, Amani-Amaza Wamazulu Skenjana.

“The dying of my child and my continued mourning that seems to ‘inconvenience’ people or make them feel ‘awkward’ has taught me that most people don’t actually give a single damn.”

She said she often found herself questioning, God but had to be strong for her other daughter.

“Most days I find myself going: ‘Vele vele God? My child died vele? She was so beautiful. She looked like me! Like, wow God, hey… Wow.’ And then I move on because my first-born needs me.

Mona Monyane

She said grief saw a person’s mood change suddenly, adding that she did not feel like being strong.

“I refuse to be a ‘strong black woman’. Not this year. Maybe next year, but this year, no. I will be weak, vulnerable and sensitive. I will cry, I will speak about my pain, I will no longer ‘move on’. I am not a rock, I am a person. Wa thinta umfazi, wa thinta umuntu.

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