Moja Love pulls Teenage Pregnancy show due to legal concerns


Just weeks after it made its debut on local screens, Moja Love has put the brakes on the reality show Teenage Pregnancy, citing “legal concerns” for its decision to suspend the series until next year.

Moja Love announced its decision to put the show on ice through a statement posted to its official social media accounts, “Due to a legal concern we are unable to broadcast Teenage Pregnancy. No Excuse, Pay Papgeld has been scheduled in its place. We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” read the statement.

Moja Love

The statement did not elaborate on the legal concern, but fans speculated it may have to do with the show featuring minors and those who were allegedly victims of s.e.xual assault. The show came under fire after its premiere earlier this month for featuring a young girl who had allegedly been raped, with many calling for the perpetrator to be brought to justice.

Moja Love’s head of channel, Bokani Moyo, told TshisaLIVE that “as a responsible broadcaster”, it needed to “take all precautions in the protection of a person’s rights”.

He said the series would return in February 2021.

The show, which details the struggles and experiences of three teenagers who fall pregnant, received mixed reviews with some viewers praising its educational value.

Bokani defended the show, claiming it depicted the reality of many South Africans.

“The show highlights the living realities and some of the things our youth go through, and that is the message the channel wanted to get across. The majority of the population in SA is black. The show is an educational one which reflects the current situation the majority encounter.

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