Moja Café ‏accused of stripping menstruating waitress [email protected]

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Moja cafe


Moja Café ‏accused of str!pping menstruating waitress. South Africans are calling for Moja Café in Soweto to be boycotted after a female waitress was allegedly str!pped [email protected] over an unpaid R3,000 bill. The waitress sent poet Ntsiki Mazwai a voice note in which she alleged a group of people walked out of the restaurant without paying their bill due to management allegedly taking “too long” to print it out.

The restaurant says it is investigating the incident in which a female supervisor searched a waitress who was accused of stealing money.

She was then accused of having stolen the money, an accusation which was investigated by her female colleague, who took her to another room and asked her to strip naked. She said she was even asked to remove her pad as she was on her period.

She alleged: “I was harassed in a way that they thought the money was with me. I was taken to a storeroom and I was told to remove all my clothes and they didn’t find anything. The worst part, I was on my period and the woman requested that my pad must be out and she’s a colleague of mine, how am I gonna work with her after everything?

Ntsiki Mazwai

“Even the apology, I haven’t heard a sincere one, I don’t think they understand how I feel, I was told to strip butt-naked to check if I had the money or not. I don’t know what to do at this point, should I take it to the cops? I don’t think they are taking it as I do and how I feel. I had to remove my pad and put it on the table and I felt as if I was a criminal.

Moja cafe

“How long have I been working with these people for them to make me strip over [a] 3 point something bill. I’ve never felt this pain, I felt humiliated.” Mazwai shared the voice note on social media and called out the shisa nyama. It has been trending since.

Responding to Mazwai, the restaurant said it was investigating the incident “thoroughly”.

“We acknowledge this matter and the sensitivities thereof and are investigating it thoroughly. What we can confirm for now is that a female staff member was searched by a female supervisor on suspicion of theft, in a private room with no cameras, it was just the two females in the room.

“Moja Cafe management affirms that respect for staff and customers is mandatory and of primary importance. Thank You,” it said.

But South Africans were still not having any of it. These were some of the comments on social media:

South Africans on Moja Cafe

Source: The Citizen

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