Mmusi Maimane jumps in on DJ Maphorisa & Prince Kaybee’s FIGHT, plays Big Brother role

Like a bolt of lightning after a hot summer day, Mmusi Maimane left Twitter users stunned when he jumped in on the never-ending twar between hitmakers DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee.

The former DA leader vosho’d onto our Twitter timelines and called both musicians into order. But while doing so, a crafty Maimane showed his street credentials by using cleverly constructed messaging to put his point across to the two musicians – sending Twitter into a tailspin in the process.

Mmusi Maimane jumps in on DJ Maphorisa & Prince Kaybee

Using a line from one of Maphorisa’s hit songs, Lorch, and also referencing Prince Kaybee on his persistent confidence in his big biceps, Maimane told the musicians he has the “Tazz of biceps”.

Maphorisa seems to be comparing himself with a Toyota Tazz Conquest in the song, like the old car, he conveys that he is tried and tested in the game.

The twar was sparked by a DJ Maphorisa tweet when he gloated about owning the masters of his music, as did his partner in piano hit music, Kabza de Small. He listed Prince Kaybee, who has seen growing success to his career in recent years, as one of the artist who did not own his masters.

Prince Kaybee clapped back, telling Maphorisa in no uncertain terms that he was successful in his own right – with multiple investments in logistics, property and insurance.

And so big brother Mmusi sought to keep the peace.

“Bafethu (my brothers). Owning masters is important. Diversifying into other business sectors is important. Lifting other artists up is important. “Both of you have smaller arms than me. Ngiyi Tazz yama bicep (I am the Tazz of biceps). Can I ask that we focus on giving the people more good music,” said the former DA leader much to the applause of the Twitterati.

Said Maimane: “On a serious note. Artists must be very careful to read all the paperwork before signing deals at the beginning of their careers. Bad contracts are often entered into at that early stage and they are difficult to get out of because of the legal principle of pacta sunt servanda”.

“At this point I think the silver lining of this social media debate is that it is playing an important role in providing education about what artists need to look out for. At a national level more has to be done to protect vulnerable artists from onerous and imbalanced contracts,” said Maimane.


And with over 2000 retweets to the tweet, Maimane left many on Twitter stunned, leading some to question whether it really was him behind the keyboard. They were impressed by the hundreds. Here are some of the stunned reactions to Maimane, the Tazz of biceps with bigger arms than Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee.

And finally.

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Source: IOL