Mlungisi broke down and Gloria saw a golden opportunity on Scandal

Mlungisi is finally showing emotions after being so stubborn, and #Scandal fans saw his human side. Meanwhile, Gloria has seen a chance to make a lot of money from someone else’s mistake.

Mlungisi has been hard-headed and incredibly stubborn towards his wife and daughter, and it has finally caught up with him. He has broken down and shed tears over his broken family, but if this will make him give in and allow his wife to study is still unclear. Scandal! fans were relieved to see a softer side to Mlungisi and have hope for him and Zinzile.

Gloria Scandal

Meanwhile, Gloria, who is ever the opportunist, saw a chance for her to make a huge amount of money. She plans to sue The Voice for using Caiphus’ photo in a story about someone else. The problem is, Walter, the journalist who wrote the story, has no idea he has a photo of the wrong person. It looks like Stokkies’ scheme is going to turn around and bite him in the behind.

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