Men’s Conference calls for Jub Jub #Uyajola99

Really gentlemen? Is Jub Jub public enemy number one now? So we’re almost 24 hours in since #Uyajola99 aired last night and it’s still trending. Talk about the power of content.
While some people raved about the drama that unfolded on the show, others are still raving about what a great job Jub Jub did as the host of this rather life-threatening show.

Jub Jub

Even Masechaba took her hat off to Jub Jub for how he’s handling this job.
But something else has come up, something we consider to be quite hilarious to us might we add.


According to the men on Twitter, who are displeased with Jub Jub’s country duty mission of exposing cheaters, there is currently a “press statement” making its rounds on social media about a men’s conference that needs to be held for Jub Jub

And others are involving Kelly Khumalo in this mess, can we please just leave poor Kelly. She’s living her best life with Chad now.

Gentlemen want the Men’s Conference to take place as in yesterday.

See, the funny thing is, women also cheat, but it’s the men who are so hot and bothered about this show currently.

Damn Jub Jub, look what you’ve started.

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