Masechaba Ndlovu talks about self-love

Masechaba Ndlovu 1
Masechaba Ndlovu 1


TV personality Masechaba Ndlovu has been a well of wisdom on these Twitter streets for a while, but since her Behind The Story episode people have been latching onto her every word and she’s been dishing some profound life truths.Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Masechaba shared some truths about self-love and some of the hard decisions it comes with.

Masechaba Ndlovu

“You do not have to be a part of someone’s cesspool of dysfunction. Family or not, blood is not thicker than your peace of mind.”

Masechaba Ndlovu

The presenter, who recently opened up about her two divorces, explained that forgiveness was the key to a happy life but that forgiving someone didn’t mean you must tolerate their moemish tendencies.

Masechaba Ndlovu

“Forgiveness is key to a happy life… but forgiving someone doesn’t mean tolerating their bull$%!&.”

Each of her tweets had hundreds of retweets and people thanking her for reminding them to always prioritise their peace.

Masechaba has also said in the past that she’s a huge believer in there being a perfect time for everything and that knowing that is particularly important for inner peace.

“I never see a loss as a loss, I always see it as a change in direction. I am not perturbed by change. I believe that when you are gifted – which everyone is in some way or the other – it is just about tuning in and listening to your inner voice and letting it guide you, so I don’t have fear or reservations about the direction that my career is taking,” Masechaba told TshisaLIVE previously.

So in essence, whatever situation you find yourself in, you must always ask yourself…

“Is it worth my peace?

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