Loyiso Bala dragged by Twitter for his LGBTI brother’s tweet

Loyiso Bala dragged by Twitter for his LGBTI brother’s tweet. The couple shared how both their families approved and accepted their relationship. However, the caption under Loyiso’s picture left Twitter users with a sour taste in their mouths.

South African singer Loyiso Bala took to his social media to share a beautiful picture of him, his wife and his brother Phelo Bala who has recently opened up about his relationship with TV and social media fave Moshe Ndiki.

Many people felt that Loyiso’s comment had a snide undertone. One Twitter user described the tweet as a trigger of the abuse that members of the LGBTI community accept from their families:


“That Loyiso Bala tweet just reminds me how much abuse we accept from our families because we feel grateful that they tolerate us. The world is so horrible to us that we accept the bare minimum from our families and call it love,” shared @JamilFarouk.

He continued to explain how such comments reminded him of the abuse he endured from his family describing the feeling as “watching yourself getting dismembered”:

“I am reminded of all the routine abuse I’ve endured from family in the form of jabs and snide comments, minimising my sexuality, dismissing me, conflating (my) gender and s.e.xuality. It’s like watching yourself get dismembered”.

Many Twitter users agreed with @JamilFarouk’s thoughts:



Whereas others stood by Loyiso’s side saying that he was sharing his beliefs with his younger brother and one should be able to.



Loyiso did not react too well to him trending at number 2 in South Africa for his caption. He responded by sharing a snapshot of his brothers response to the image and shared how he found it ironic that he was being judged for being judgmental.



What do you think Loyiso’s tweet?

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