Love your skin no matter the colour – Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini 3
Minnie Dlamini 3


Love your skin no matter the colour – Minnie Dlamini says with her latest Instagram picture. I guess if you know how to take care of your skin like Minnie Dlamini then you have every reason to love your skin.

But I feel there was a deeper meaning to this caption, I feel she means whoever you are black or white love yourself. And we totally agree!

Minnie Dlamini
Love your skin no matter the colour ?

Then it was moments with friends as Minnie Dlamini was hanging out with Gert-Johan Coetzee. Minnie shared this amazing picture and had lots to say.

Minnie Dlamini
I’m couldn’t be more proud of you my love @gertjohancoetzee. We started our working relationship many years ago and now we’re family ❤ Your show was incredible ?? So proud ? #gertjohancoetzee #safw #ss19 #alwayswinning

And then it was moments with fans… Minnie said: “This beautiful woman came up to me at #safw & told me her daughter looks up to me and would like to meet me. These are the moments I live for ❤ I hope you grow up to be better than the women that inspire you! That’s when my job is done, I show you that it’s possible and you take it to a whole new level ?

Minnie Dlamini

There you have it ladies and gents, no matter what colour your skin is, love yourself and then be able to love all those around you.

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