A young mom recently shared an adorable clip of her son playing with his grandma’s phone who was meant to be babysitting. In the clip, the smart baby is positioned near the elderly woman’s head enjoying the cellphone. The boomerang got over 3 million views from tweeps who shared all sorts of comments beneath it.

Little kids are often underestimated. While they seem all cute and innocent, more often than not they’ve got a trick or two underneath their adorable little sleeves. And if a caregiver is not careful, they may just catch you sleeping.

This adorable boy certainly proved it to be true after his mom caught him outsmarting his grandma. In the boomerang clip that was uploaded by a Twitter user, @Reiketsukan_, her son can be seen joyfully playing with a phone while his grandma was sleeping.

@Reiketsukan_ in her caption explained how her mom was meant to be babysitting the baby boy but the roles soon reversed, leaving the child to watch the grandma instead. And by the look of things, he did not mind even one bit.

Twitter users found the whole thing quite hilarious viewing the boomerang 3.3 million times. They also left thousands of comments expressing our they too found themselves in similar positions before.

Here are some of the reactions below:


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