Linda Mtoba says lives have more value than good looking hair

Actress Linda Mtoba has weighed in on a petition doing the rounds for hair salons to be allowed to operate under lockdown.

“There’s a whole petition for salons to open up, do ppl really need to do their hair that bad? Like for real for real.”

The actress questioned people’s priorities. She asked if people understood that the current regulations were in place to help save lives.

Linda Mtoba


“People are dying, we’re worried about hair. Ngiluke amagoda awu two and I’m in a doek all day. If I need to go out I wear a cap. Come on it can’t be that serious … Yes, the jobs matter but so do the lives,” she said.

Linda made it clear that she understood that the issue was deeper for the people dependent on providing these services to put food on the table.

However, she maintained that essentially the value of human lives trumps everything else.

“Where are our priorities? Cosmetic issues. We can live without good hair. We can live! Surely that’s more important,” she said.

Read the rest of the convo Linda had with her followers below.


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