A North West family is still in shock after a boyfriend of their highly pregnant daughter stabbed her several times, before committing suicide.

The incident took place three weeks ago, but Bonolo Sealolo, 32, who was rushed to hospital at the time of the incident, is still fighting for her life in hospital. Her unborn baby did not survive.

Spokesperson for the North West Department of Community Safety, Alpheus Koonyaditse, said the incident happened at Lokaleng Village, Taung, and the department only became aware of it this week.

He said the deceased, MacMillan Oliphant, had asked Sealolo to boil water so he could have a bath. Once the water had boiled and it had been poured in the bathtub, he locked the bedroom door as she lay on the bed.

Moments later, the Sealolo family heard screams from the bedroom, with Sealolo shouting her boyfriend was trying to kill her.

“They rushed to the bedroom but found the door locked. They then went to the window to break in. The woman was lying on the floor injured and the man is alleged to have said he wants to die with his child and then slashed his throat and wrists.

“Police, neighbours, and paramedics were called and the woman was rushed to hospital while the man was declared dead at the scene.”

Community Safety MEC Sello Lehari said the North West province had reported a number of gender-based violence incidents.

“I still cannot believe that something as horrific as this is continuing to happen in our communities. We must find a way to raise our children to respect one another and above all to value life”, said Lehari.

A stone’s throw from the Selaolo family, another family has been traumatised by abuse that had been afflicted on their 17-year-old son when a local man allegedly chained him to a vehicle and dragged him across the road, before throwing rocks at him.

It was alleged the man had been out on bail for an unrelated incident.

He was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

“What has gone wrong with us? Have we lost our humanity, our human values,?” asked Lehari.

His words were echoed by Kgosi Tshepo Mankuroane of the Batlhaping ba ga Phudutswana people.

“What our own children are doing defies all forms precept of logic,” said Kgosi Mankuroane.

He pleaded with the government to look into psychosocial challenges that seem to have befallen his otherwise hitherto serene territory.


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