Leaked Chats: Minister Mbalula Caught Up In DMs Scandal


Minister Fikile Mbalula has been embroiled in a Twitter scandal and social media is divided.

The transport minister is known for trending on Twitter for statements or tweets that rub many people up the wrong way. He is also one of the most active and interactive ministers on social media, as he does not shy away from commenting on popular topics or trends, or dragging people who come for him sideways.

However, this time around, it is not what he has tweeted publicly that he is trending for, but rather what he tweeted privately. Mr ‘Fear Fokol’ probably fears the person responsible for exposing him in this manner after his direct messages (DMs) were shared on social media for all to see.

Twitter user @Khanya_nols had her account hacked, this according to some of her friends on the app, and on Thursday morning all hell broke loose when the culprit went for the jugular by exposing her DMs. A screenshot of her very brief interaction in the DMs with minister Fikile Mbalula was shared on the timeline.

In their conversation, which is mostly in both their mother tongue, IsiXhosa, Mr Razzmatazz (who refers to Khanya as “mhlobo wami” meaning “my friend”) asks her what brings her to Cape Town. She replies that she works in the city, to which he then tells her that he hopes to see her.

As expected, Twitter has been buzzing.

While some people are of the opinion that Mbalula was shooting his shot, many have a different view and hav applauded Khanya for how she responded.

Khanya has released a video that is currently circulate. In the video she explains that her account has been hacked and she wishes to express that she is not responsible for any of the tweets being posted.


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