KwaZulu-Natal lost 253 teachers to Covid-19

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KZN lost 253 teachers to Covid-19, the KZN MEC Kwazi Mshengu said during the release of the province’s results on Tuesday morning.

Mshengu said he presented the results with a heavy heart, having lost 253 teachers and 38 non-teaching staff due to Covid-19 related illnesses.

“The 2020 NSC results are dedicated to our frontline soldiers who died with their boots on.

“As we pay homage to these frontline workers in the system, we are pained by the knowledge of the devastation and hurt that has been inflicted in their families.

“The bravery of all our fallen heroes and heroines, along with all the hard-working employees who continue to risk their lives in the service of the nation will forever be etched in our hearts.

“History will remember all of them as fearless fighters who gave it all in their fight against this invisible enemy. May all their souls rest in eternal peace.”


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