Kairo blesses her parents, AKA & DJ Zinhle with sweet Valentine’s Gifts – Pictures

Kairo blesses her parents, AKA & DJ Zinhle with sweet Valentine’s Gifts – Pictures! Kairo Forbes is one thoughtful three year old! She gifted her super famous parents, AKA and DJ Zinhle with cool Valentine’s Day gifts!

DJ Zinhle, AKA and Kairo

Being socially aware is a big part of childhood development. Such could be attributed to three-year-old Kairo Forbes. Her parents respectively posted the bouquet of red roses and handwritten cards presented by their sweet and thoughtful daughter on Valentine’s Day.

For Daddy:

AKA's gift from Kairo AKA's gift from Kairo

However, DJ Zinhle jokingly suspected that, Kairo must have been assisted – possibly by her Grandmother, in constructing the sweet message on the card, hence Kairo only goes as far as writing her name only.

For Mommy:

DJ Zinhle's gift from Kairo DJ Zinhle's gift from Kairo

In return, Kairo received beautiful roses from daddy dearest. Ncaw we’re here for this trio!

Kairo's gift from AKA

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