Kagiso residents who looted cash-in-transit heist scene to face criminal charges for looting

Police in Kagiso are warning community members who fled the scene of a cash-in-transit heist with money that they will face criminal charges for looting the stolen money.

A cash-in-transit vehicle was attacked by armed robbers in Chamdor on Wednesday morning and the suspects managed to flee with an undisclosed amount of money after using explosives to access the cash.

Dozens of people rushed to the scene, scrambling for leftover money scattered all over Kagiso Drive after the explosion.

Brenda Murudili said that the suspects were still at large and condemned the community for taking the stolen money for themselves.

crime scene

“There were community members that looted the cash that was on the road and we strongly condemn that because anyone found with that money can be charged criminally as it is a criminal offence and they might face criminal charges, including committing the robbery itself or theft as they contaminated the scene.”

Incase you missed the footage please see video below.


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