Justice for Ntsizwa on #Uzalo



Being innocent truly does not guarantee one’s immunity in this game called life, does it? Basically it’s the case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

South Africa’s most loved and watched soapie on SABC 1 Uzalo has scores of its viewers right at the edges of their couches as the curious case of Ntsizwa’s murderer is drawing to a much-anticipated end.

Ntsizwa was a pleasant teenage boy, who only had eyes for his sweetheart, Nonka. However, his life was cut short after being indirectly and unintentionally killed by Sbonelo. His death was truly devastating as the murderer is still on the loose.
But here’s the thing about “innocence”, it could easily be perceived in two-fold. Some are genuinely innocent, whilst some are actually not, though they seemingly are, with the latter seemingly get away with quite a lot.


So this is the thread that has caused so much havoc in people’s lives on the show.

a). Ntsizwa’s problems started when he was hit by car – driven by Sbonelo. Upon arriving at the hospital, it became clear that he had lost his memory thus not having a visual reference of the perpetrator behind the car accident.

b). After a few treatments at the hospital, it became known that Ntsizwa has regained consciousness and memory, therefore he now remembers quite vividly what had actually landed him in hospital in the first place.

c). Trying to save his skin – Sbonelo then plans to kidnaps Ntsizwa from the hospital. However, things turn out for the worst as Ntsizwa eventually dies as he was still on treatment at the hospital.

d). Being panic struck, Sbonelo and his family, Gabisile and Pastor Qabhanga decided to dig up a hole in their backyard and “Bury” the lifeless body of Ntsizwa. This could have easily been one of those unspoken family secrets, until the bad or perhaps good timing of Njeza, who witnessed the body being buried at night by the unsuspecting pastor’s backyard.

e). Fast forward to last night’s episode, Njeza tipped Captain Mondli about Ntsizwa’s body. Upon arriving at pastor Qabhanga’s house, indeed a hand had stuck out after ordering his team to dig out that backyard.

Tonight’s episode will provide an open window as to where the story will lead to next.

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