Julius Malema: Human Rights for who, for what?

1553231892 Malema
1553231892 Malema


Julius Malema: Human Rights for who, for what? Those are the words of EFF CIC Julius Malema addressing the EFF’s own Sharpeville massacre commemoration event on Human Rights Day at the Dlomo Dam just minutes away from the official Human Rights Day commemoration event at the George Thube Cricket Pitch where the President Cyril Ramaphosa gave the official address.

“Human rights day for who, for what?” Sharpeville was all colourful today as several political parties, including the PAC, AZAPO and BLF descended to the township to hold their different commemoration events. The EFF flexed its muscles pulling a crowd that rivalled the crowds that were at the official Human Rights Day / Sharpeville Day commemoration Addressing the crowds Malema said

EFF Leader

Dlomo Dam was the place where the blood of the people who died 59 years ahou flowed into and that’s why they were there. “Where is Sobukwe to see the disaster our people find themselves in,” Malema said.

“It is unacceptable that people in Sharpeville are complaining about house, infrastructure and jobs. We are continuing the battles Sobukwe was fighting for. We want Sobukwe to know that people in Sharpeville are not fighting Dom Passes, they are fighting potholes,” Malema said.


Malema said the ANC should stop making The Sharpeville Massacre about them. “Only the PAC shot a Boer. These other parties couldn’t fight them. They are in bed with them today.

Malema said that the PAC is the only party with a clear agenda on how to fight for the black child.

“Looking at the Vaal, you know that the government has forgotten the people of this place. Today is not human rights day it’s Sharpeville Day,” Malema said.

EFF Supporters

“White people always had rights. Whilst black people suffered. Our children should grow up knowing the truth. On this day white people killed black people in an effort to wipe out black people,” Malema said.

“Let’s lose elections on principle. We don’t mind losing elections for speaking the truth. If it was not for PAC we wouldn’t be here.

EFF Supporters

The ANC was not there on that day. The PAC led on that day. We are the children of Chris Hani, of Thomas Sankara, of Winnie Mandela and Robert Sobukwe. The fighters for revolution,” Malema said.

“On the 8th May when you go into the voting don’t go looking for Malema or the EFF. Go in the looking for land,” Malema said.

Source: Daily Sun

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