Jub Jub is fixing Mzansi with #Uyajola99

Can we please shut down the country for the day so we can deal with the stress and chest pains that hit Mzansi on Sunday night when Moja Love’s new reality show, Uyajola, premiered. The show, based on the US hit show Cheaters, is hosted by muso Jub Jub Maarohanye.

The country had been waiting in anticipation for the premiere ever since a trailer for the show went viral on social media last month. And the excitement reached fever pitch on Sunday, just hours before it began when it topped the local Twitter trends list.

Jub Jub

The show didn’t disappoint, as it unearthed the dark secrets of people apparently cheating on their baes.There was drama a minute and not enough popcorn to grab while watching it all unfold.

In between praise for Jub Jub’s presenting skills, there was a flood of memes and jokes about the show. Many of them praising Jub Jub for restoring order to SA and getting gents in line. And forget the inauguration, the people were declaring Jub Jub as our president.




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