Jessica Nkosi claps back at the parenting police

Jessica Nkosi has an important public service announcement for her parenting critics – just unfollow!
The actress welcomed her little princess Namisa ‘Nami’ Dlamini into the world in October last year and has been enjoying every minute of motherhood.

Jessica is fiercely protective of her daughter and has decided not to share pictures that show her daughter’s full face. Despite her decision, Jessica has shared several adorable snaps of her little one.

Jessica Nkosi

It seems some of Jessica’s Instagram followers (more like haters) are offended by how she is going about parenting Nami.
One user went so far as to say Jessica thinks her daughter was birthed by Beyoncé.

Jessica Nkosi

The star was naturally unimpressed
“I see why some people turn off their comments on their pictures here on Insta. Coz some of you really speak from you a** sometimes. Somethings are just unnecessary, just put away your phone. Or just unfollow. Now I have to waste 2 seconds of my life blocking you,” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

Jessica Nkosi and Nami

Jessica let her critics know that she is a special mom.

“To the person who said I act like Nami was birthed by Beyoncé?!?! Yes she was babe!! Beyoncé is Namisa’s mom!! The gag is I AM BEYONCE!”

Enough said!

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