Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunion leaves Alex Rodriguez in shock


Alex Rodriguez is reportedly “not thrilled” about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reunion.

The baseball player and the ‘On The Floor‘ hitmaker recently confirmed they had split and Alex is reportedly not pleased to see Jennifer and Ben spending so much time together.

Speaking about the new friendship, a source said: “Alex is not thrilled.

“It definitely hurt his ego. Alex was under the impression that he and Jennifer would go on as friends, but he is acting so needy that Jennifer cut him off.”

The singer and actress is reported “very happy” at the moment.

The insider added to People magazine: “Jennifer seems very happy. She tried for a long time to get her relationship with Alex to work. She feels good that she decided to break it off. She just doesn’t trust him and didn’t want to waste any more time.”

The comments come after it was revealed Ben “reached out” to Jennifer “as a friend”.

An insider said: “Ben reached out to Jennifer as a friend. He was basically checking up on her.

“He was single and thought she might be single, too .. It was in no way disrespectful, because he really thought she wasn’t with Alex anymore.”

Jennifer has been speaking to Ben “every day” after they spent time together in Montana

Another insider said: “Jennifer is in touch with Ben every day. They are making plans to see each other. Jennifer is still very excited about how things are going with Ben …

“It doesn’t seem possible that [Jennifer] would ever get back with Alex, but I can’t say that about Ben. Time has passed, and they are each in a different place with children.”


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