It ends in tears – Video of ama 2000 girls coming home in the morning after night out leaves Mzansi in stitches


They left home saying they’re going to McDonald’s but ended up spending the night out.

Their family is furious and their story has left Mzansi laughing.

A video of these two young women is trending on social media, and their explanation of the night out has left Mzansi is stitches.

One of the girls is adamant they indeed went to McDonald’s but ended up sleeping in the car because the driver of the car couldn’t see well at night.

The other one claimed they drove around all night, but the driver kept getting lost.

Asked if she has a babalaas, she said she didn’t drink.

Noma Nhlengethwa said she doesn’t understand why these young ladies couldn’t come up with a believable lie because this one is the worst lie she’s ever heard.

“I used to come up with serious lies when I got caught, but ama2000 can’t even lie to save their lives. They need to get that beating,” said Noma.

Lindiwe Mthembu said she understands why the young women just froze. She said that sjambok is the reason they told such a terrible lie.

“At this point you can just see that nothing will save you. The family is ready to give you a beating of your life. There was no way to keep a straight face and tell a believable lie,” said Lindiwe.

Sipho Gumede said he’s glad to see there are still parents who moer their kids when they misbehave. He said these days a lot of kids have lost respect because they believe in their rights.

“This is really funny, but honestly I’m glad that they’re getting a beating. They’ll learn,” said Sipho.

Themba Ngcobo said ideas went out the window when those two saw that sjambok.

“I don’t blame them. I used to cry before I even saw a belt. My parents didn’t play games with me. I hope they’re okay though abo McDonald’s,” he said.


-daily sun

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