Is Bonang Matheba trying to snatch AKA back?

AKA and Bonang
AKA and Bonang


Media darling Bonang Matheba has hit out at social media users who accused her of being petty.
The accusations followed a throwback Thursday video Matheba posted on her Twitter account of her 30th birthday party. In the video, Matheba is seen with her now-ex, AKA. The former couple kiss and pose to take pictures in the last half of the video.

AKA and Bonang

Fans thought that Matheba was trying to dim DJ Zinhle’s sparkle following the media frenzy and speculation that she’s rekindled her romance with AKA, who happens to be the father of her daughter, Kairo.
Although the 45-second video was just one of many videos and pictures the star posted while reflecting on the day, fans were quick to respond to ones featuring AKA, whom she split from in December 2017.

AKA and Bonang
One user tweeted: “Zinhle and AKA are happy leave them alone, you had your chance with him it’s OVER. Get over it and stop posting him (sic)”.

However, some people did come to Matheba’s defence, saying she was not being spicy and people were reading too much into her throwback post.

Bonang matheba
One user replied to Matheba’s post saying she could have cropped AKA out of the video but Queen B, who’s reportedly set to wed before the end of the year, was not having it. To which Matheba clapped back: “Grow up. No one cares.”

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