I’m tired of being poked by a tokoloshe

Joseph Jobo
Joseph Jobo


I’m tired of being poked by a tokoloshe. The 41-year-old from phase 6 kasi in Mangaung said about a year ago, he got muthi from a sangoma to create a tokoloshe called Mali that would steal money for him at night.

Joseph Jobo wanted to get rich fast and pay lobola for his girlfriend of five years. However, his decision to consult a sangoma to make this happen has turned his life into a living hell.

However, all that Mali does is poke him!


“I thought I was creating a cash cow but instead I got a poking machine. I spent R1 500 on the creature. The sangoma gave me a black plastic bottle with muthi and told me to speak to it and feed it porridge.”

Joseph said he soon started dreaming of a beautiful woman poking him at night. “I enjoyed it but it left me with no energy to satisfy my girlfriend and as a result she left me. I went back to the sangoma and I was told to be patient and do what the tokoloshe wanted.

“But now I have lost my job. I threw away the bottle and consulted two different sangomas but nothing works.” Sangoma Mamoya Rakauoane said traditional healers don’t make tokoloshes.

“Joseph consulted someone who deals in evil things. He needs a strong sangoma to fight off the tokoloshe.”

Source: Daily Sun

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