I’m taking back my microwave, carvela and TV – Heartbroken man leaves girlfriend’s house empty

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February’s known as the month of love, but there was plenty of love drama for the people of Mpumalanga during the last week of the month.

First, there was the end of a relationship that went wrong, when a Mpumalanga businessman bulldozed his ex’s double-storey house, reducing it to nothing.

In a video, the man can be heard explaining the plot is bought in her name, but the money to build the house comes from him. After the house was built, the woman reportedly broke up with him.

As if that weren’t enough, social media users were given palpitations when a video went viral of a local couple showing the man clinging on to a grey BMW.

A video shows the woman driving the Beemer with the man on the bonnet after they apparently had an argument at a Nelsville funeral outside Mbombela. She drove off, while he followed with a friend’s car.

Apparently, when they both reached the traffic light, the man quickly went to cling on to the bonnet.

The woman eventually stopped at a petrol station while the man forcibly pushed her out of the car. She can be heard saying, “I want to go home”, but the man pushes her back inside.

One of the comments from men on social media after being asked what they would do if they broke up with their lovers was: “Yeah I demanded my R100 voucher I bought for this other lady from KZN. And she returned it after I threatened her about being a sangoma, but we were dating on Facebook nje.”

Mavinda said: “It depends on the reason for separation. Sometimes we are spending too much on a lady while she is cheating on you with a broke guy.”

Lerulelo said he took his phone back. “Her boyfriend was swearing at me with the phone I bought. I took it, then gave it to my little sister.”

Madikana MC said: “As you’re reading this right now… I’m on my way to collect my microwave, hotplate, carvela, and TV, We broke up mos.”

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