I had a Cesarean Section, now I’m focused on healing – Omuhle Gela


Just over a week ago, Omuhle Gela confirmed that she had given birth to her first child. Fans had speculated about her pregnancy for months, until she confirmed it in August 2020. More recently, the star gave a post-birth update. “I’m in awe of how my body’s operating with such little sleep cause baby girl likes to play during odd hours.

Omuhle Gela


Omuhle also revealed that she hasn’t bound her tummy yet because she had a C section. “Also, I haven’t binded my stomach yet cause I had a Cesarean section, but I’ll begin tomorrow…”

Her main focus thus far apart from her child has been to completely heal. She is in no rush for a summer body. “I’ve been focused on fully healing and I refuse to succumb to the pressure of Snapping back at the expense of my health. My focus now is my wellbeing and my daughters.” She explains.

Omuhle Gela

So to answer your questions mommies no I’m NOT on a diet, the weight I dropped just happened on its own, I’m kinda letting my body do it’s on thing at its own pace,” she adds. “But I definitely need to begin working out soon. P.S you CAN drink juice in a wine glass.

Omuhle Gela

On the day she revealed that she had given birth, she shared a heartfelt message which read. “My heart is full. God showed off and I see him daily in you. The most perfect gift I’ve ever received in my entire existence…..hi, Minnie Me.

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