Gospel star Sphumelele Mbambo who survived 2 car accidents & lost her mother speaks on quitting to sing for God


When she’s on stage, one could swear that all is well with former Joyous Celebration member Sphumelele Mbambo.

But the muso has been through tribulations. Sphumelele said she only survives through music and prayer.

She said there was a time where she thought of quitting music, but prayer revived her hope.

“I’ve been tried and tested. I even thought that maybe doing music was the biggest mistake of my life,” said Sphumelele.

“I thought of quitting. But after I bowed down and prayed, the hope came back.

“I was motivated by prayer. I didn’t want to give the devil that satisfaction. I didn’t want to fail.”

In 2017, Sphumelele spent three days in hospital after she was involved in a car accident.

In December 2018, she was also involved in a second accident that left her Mercedes-Benz written off.

In the following year, she revealed she was broke, couldn’t get gigs and was using taxis to travel.

In October last year, she lost her mum who died after a short illness.

Sphumelele said all these challenges made her strong.

“My mum was my pillar of strength. She was my prayer warrior and a shoulder to cry on,” she said.

“I was devastated when she died. But I looked back and said no, this can’t make me fall apart. I then prayed and got up stronger.”

Sphumelele said she’s still making music and gets gigs mostly in churches.

She said she’s also booked to preach.

“I do everything now. I pray for people, I do motivational speaking, I preach and I sing. Life is stilln’t easy but praying gives me strength to face the world. I’m still an entertainer,” said Sphumelele.

-daily sun

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