Generations: The Legacy Halts Production as the second case of COVID-19 Infection is Reported

Generations: The Legacy will be shutting down production due to a Covid-19 scare – The news was confirmed through a leaked memo – Apparently, two people on the set have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Generations: The Legacy
Generations: The Legacy has stopped production following another coronavirus scare on the set. The soapie didn’t shut down production when a first crew member was exposed to Covid-19. Staffers were said to be on edge after a second person was recently exposed to the virus.

Generations: The Legacy

A statement has since been released, on behalf of the production, explaining the situation. It stated that they were informed that an employee who was on set had been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case on the 18th and has since been sent for testing by their doctor.

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