The transport minister has raised the ire of former BBC Dragon’s Den investor Lebo Gunguluza.

It all started with a tweet from @Sentletse, who posted about Gunguluza’s new business venture which consists of hosting seminars on becoming a millionaire.

Mbalula tweet slams Gunguluza

Gunguluza is renowned for his extensive business empire which includes mentoring young businessmen, investing in local start-ups and being a judge on SABC2 show The Game Plan. Recently he had a cameo role on SABC3’s Real Housewives of Johannesburg where his wife, who is also named Lebo, was part of the principal cast.

Mbalula responded to the tweet, suggesting that Gunguluza doesn’t run any viable companies to be advising people on reaching millionaire status. Gunguluza has reacted with an open letter which he posted on his Facebook page.

Not first open Twitter letter addressed to Mbalula

The outspoken minister is popular for sharing his views and has gotten into many a Twitter spat with influential people such as EFF leader Julius Malema and veteran ANC official Derek Hanekom. This isn’t the first time however, that an open letter has been publicly addressed to him.

In the letter, Gunguluza calls out Mbalula for being ignorant of his accomplishments and goes on to cite his personal and business achievements. He also questions the intentions of the minister whom he proclaims is out to “destroy one of his own”.

Mbalula tweet ‘jeopardised’ business project
He further laments that one of his business projects have been jeopardised as a consequence of Mbalula’s comments.

“Many entrepreneurs are aspiring and are looking for role models and with your careless utterances, you are bringing doubt in their minds on what is possible out there. Have you even heard of my struggle story, what I had to overcame and why I decided to transform my company into a digital empire?

“What kind of a minister are you who wants to destroy your own? We work hard as entrepreneurs so that we can employ more people every day, do you even have an idea of how many people we have employed in our group of companies and yet you still preach job creation,” Gunguluza said.

Read the full letter below:

Julius Malema weighs in
Mbalula has yet to respond to the letter while the reaction to his tweets has included EFF leader Malema chipping in, as well as others supporting Gunguluza’s entrepreneurial efforts.

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source: The South African