Father accused of hanging four children now faces Rape charge

A charge of r@pe has been added to the list of charges against the Durban father accused of killing his three children and stepdaughter. He made another appearance in the Pinetown Magistrate’s court on Wednesday.

The man’s children aged 4, 6, and 10 were found hanged in their family home in early September. His 16-year-old stepdaughter was found strangled and the bush in Padfield Park in Pinetown. Officials say the new charge is unrelated to the murders.


“The charge of r@pe that the accused was faced with has joined to the four counts of murder. So now the accused faces five counts, which is four counts of murder and one count of rape,” said spokesperson for the NPA in KwaZulu-Natal Natasha Kara.

Outside the court, political parties came out in support of the mother. The accused remains in police custody and is expected back in court on the 7th of November.

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