Education Department suspends use of pilchards at schools

The Education Department has suspended the use of pilchards at schools. It’s temporarily removed it from the National School Nutrition Menu. The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications ordered retailers to stop selling 400g Pilchards in Tomato and Chilli Sauce with immediate effect. This followed an investigation which revealed a deficiency in the canning process.

The department has reassured parents, pupils and members of the public that it’s doing everything it can to ensure that no learner is compromised. Following this announcement, the DBE has instructed all provinces to communicate with their respective suppliers to stop supplying these products as part of the NSNP menu, with immediate effect. The canned fish is a common item consumed in all of our schools that offer the NSNP to more than 9.2 million learners every school day,” the department said.

The Department has also advised provinces to “check all pilchard stock against the official list of products and product codes ZST29 and ZSC29 in the official communication from the NRCS, and follow the guidance provided therein; [and to] replace pilchards with other sources of protein from their approved menus in the meantime”.


Director for NSNP, Neo Sediti, said the department was working in collaboration with provinces to ensure that food items used in the administration of the nutrition programme are firstly of good quality and secondly of a high nutritional standard.

“To date, the department has not yet received any negative reports from provinces. We are at this stage trying to proactively stay ahead of any potential challenges and protect the profile, credibility and integrity of the NSNP,’’ Sediti said. The DBE would like to reassure parents, learners and members of the public that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that no learner is compromised.

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Source: eNCA