From making music to starting a new business and renewing a relationship, DJ Zinhle tells us why 2019 has been extra special. IF YOU didn’t know better, you’d never say they had a very public break-up just a few years ago. He dumped her for the queen of the Mzansi entertainment scene and she was left holding a baby and nursing a bruised ego and a sore heart.

DJ Zinhle and Kairo

She put on a brave face and got on with it – after all, DJ Zinhle is no wilting wallflower. But true love will find a way and the music-maker and AKA got back together again.

DJ Zinhle and AKA

However, if she’d hoped the public would be happy for her, she would’ve been sorely disappointed. People took to social media calling Zinhle everything from desperate to an ambassador of forgiveness, but she isn’t letting it get to her.

AKA and DJ Zinhle

Yes, they’ve had their ups and downs; yes, she was hurt; and yes, she’s moved on from the past with her heart on her sleeve. “We are not hiding the fact we are back together,” Zinhle tells DRUM.

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Nandi Madida

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