DJ Zinhle gets an overdose of sweetness with tea from Kairo Forbes

DJ Zinhle took to social media earlier today to post a sweet act of kindness from her daughter, Kairo. Even though it was a little difficult for Kairo’s mum to stomach, she still thought it was adorable.

DJ Zinhle
Being a working mum is never easy. Finding time to spend quality time with you children can be quite daunting to, but DJ Zinhle always tries her best to spend the most time she can with her little princess, Kairo.

AKA and DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle got home from work, Kairo made her a cup of tea, which was cold and very sweet. Although it is unknown whether DJ Zinhle had drank the cup, she posted a snap on Instagram and a message so say just how thoughtful her daughter was.

DJ Zinhle and Kairo

Now that’s sweet. DJ Zinhle wrote: “Got home & @kairo.forbes served me cold & extremely sweet cup of tea. I still haven’t managed to drink it but I feel the love. #workingmom

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