DA leader Steenhuisen downplays President Ramaphosa’s address

CAPE TOWN – Democratic Alliance (DA) interim leader John Steenhuisen said that the president’s latest address was simply not good enough.

Steenhuisen on Thursday made an announcement regarding the party’s latest court action against extended lockdown regulations.

President Cyril Rampahosa on Wednesday night stated that most of the country would move to Level 3.
But hot spots like Cape Town, which accounts for more than 50% of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country, may have to stay at Level 4.

Steenhuisen said that the country’s economy needed to get back up and running again.

“He told us his government had often got it wrong these past seven weeks, which is true. He told us that South Africans had played their part and made enormous sacrifices, which we know, but when it came to the part we were waiting for, the urgent opening up of the economy so that our people can get back to work, South Africans were left bitterly disappointed.”

John Steenhuisen and Cyril Ramaphosa

He said that remaining in hard lockdown until at least the end of May was not good enough.

“Remaining imprisoned by a night curfew enforced by armed soldiers is not good enough. Remaining subjected to a slew of irrational petty regulations that do nothing but kill business and turn decent people into criminals is not good enough.”


The South African Federation of Trade Unions said that Ramaphosa must take his lead from scientists and not only the business sector.

Political analyst Ralph Mathekga said the president should have taken the opportunity to give more specific details as South Africans have already been confused with conflicting regulations.

“We do like his sense of immediacy in addressing some of the issues of the lockdown. But some of the aspects of the lockdown need to be managed on a weekly basis. Why can’t someone immediately look into the question of the prescribed for exercising?”


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