Court declares legal definition of hate speech unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of Appeal has declared the legal definition of hate speech unconstitutional. It says a comment is hate speech only if it causes harm and incites violence.

Matodzi Ratshimbilani of TGR Attorneys says this will not affect cases already finalized.

“For cases already settled this will not help, they can’t be reopened based on development in case law, It is important to note that not all of them were based on hate speech.”

“The Vicki Momberg case is crimen injuria, so its the impairment of the dignity of the people that she was talking to. That’s a common-law crime. What’s important here is a narrow definition as contained in the equality act, which is commonly referred to as hate speech.”

In other news – Prince Kaybee regrets insulting TNS – I apologize profusely

Prince Kaybee apologizes to the public, as he regrets mocking TNS publicly during an interview. A video of Prince shaming and disclosing TNS in a lowly manner went viral on social media and he’s being dragged by tweeps.

Prince Kaybee and TNS

However, the DJ addressed the video by apologizing, but informed the public, that it’s an old video before he got reconciled with TNS. continue reading

Source: eNCA